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Patsy Seddon with THE POOZIES:
The Poozies- Come Raise your Head

Changed Days Same Roots - Greentrax (2003)
Infinite Blue- Pure Records (1998)
Come Raise Your Head - EP (1997) (Pictured)
Dansoozies - Hypertension (1995)
Chantoozies - Hypertension (1993)

Patsy Seddon with SILEAS:
Sileas- Play on Light Play on Light - Greentrax (1996)
Harpbreakers - Lapwing ( 1990)
Beating Harps - Green Linnet (1988)
Delighted With Harps - Lapwing (1986)
Patsy Seddon with CLAN ALBA:
Clan Alba- Clan Alba Clan Alba - Clan Alba (1995)
Patsy Seddon with Caledon:
Caledon- The Noble Trousers The Noble Trousers - FMS (1996)
To see a video of Patsy playing live, click here
About the Harp:

The harp is one of the most ancient instruments in the world. It was celebrated in the Bible, through the playing of King David, but was already widely depicted in prehistoric art. The harp is now particularly associated with Celtic music.

Patsy plays a 34-string Aziliz 'Harpe Celtique', made by Camac Harps, in Brittany, France. She also plays a 36-string Camac Electro-harp. She still has her much-loved Henry Briggs 30-string Clarsach, made in Glasgow in 1931.